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I employed Kathryn Sutton as a cleaner at my house for a period of three years whilst she was still living in England.

Kath was reliable, honest and trustworthy; she was trusted with a door-key and often took in parcel deliveries for me. She was babysitter if she was still cleaning when the children came home from school.

Kath will follow instructions, unlike some cleaners who have their own routines and would do whatever I asked of her. Kath did an excellent job and often gave me tips regarding stains etc.

I used to look forward coming home from work on a Friday to a spotless clean-smelling, shiny house.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kath to anyone.

Susan Coppack, Rossendale, Lancs

Thanks for the pet care service you provide. It´s good to know we can leave Daisy at home to be fed and watered rather than have to put her in a cattery. She´s too old to be moved around now and she loves the fuss.

Wendy Dunne, Los Cristianos

We are incredibly fussy customers, but Kath always does an outstanding job cleaning our home. It looks, smells, and feels (yes, feels) squeeky clean each time.

Attention to detail. No stone is left un-turned. Also the right balance between a personable service and professionalism.

Don't waste your time looking anywhere else. Kath is the one for you.


Kath Sutton was my cleaner for approx 2 years before leaving to go and live in Tenerife. I employed her after the birth of my 1st child, I found her very flexible whilst employed by me and it was a pleasure to have her in my home at this busy time for my family. Kath ensured my house was clean and tidy and was very thorough in her cleaning regime. I was able to ask Kath to use her initiative and concentrate on the areas she felt needed the most attention. I was sad to see Kath go, as we had built up a relationship where I felt able to give her a key and be confident in the knowledge that my house was secure and that I would return home to a clean and tidy home.

Sara Reid

Kath is our peace of mind in Tenerife. When we are here she comes every week to clean and do the ironing and while we are back in the UK we know the apartment is secure and well taken care of. She´s always punctual and thorough and it is nice to know that a quick phone call before we fly out means we have a lovely clean apartment when we arrive in Tenerife.

Doris and Ernie Mullins, Amarilla Golf and Portsmouth

Kathryn Sutton has been employed by myself for the past 18 months and has proved herself to be a reliable and trustworthy employee.

I myself live in Cyprus due to unforeseen work commitments; I employed Kath to look after my villa in my absence. Kath’s duties include cleaning, meeting and greeting guests and managing the day to day maintenance of the property keeping me informed on a monthly basis.

I feel that it is vital to have a person who you can rely on to make decisions with regard to my property, keeping it in good order and clean in my absence.

I have family and friends who have visited the island and stayed at my villa; they have met Kath and have had nothing but praise for her professionalism and knowledge of the local area.

Mrs M Doherty, Torviscas Alto

A huge “thank you” to Kath for all her help and support! After breaking my collarbone I could do absolutely nothing round the house. Kath came and cleaned the house from top to bottom every week and did all the ironing. I very much appreciated her pro-activity and ability to prioritise and take initiative. She was an absolute godsend!

We also used Casa Bliss maintenance when we moved house recently. We put together a list of jobs from a pre move-in clean to maintenance jobs and everything was attended to, promptly and efficiently.

I am happy to recommend Casa Bliss to anyone as I find them completely trustworthy and reliable. We continue to use Casa Bliss on an on-going basis as we are really impressed with their services.

Jennie Eriksen, Arona

I don’t have enough time to iron so Casa Bliss take it away and bring it back when it suits me. Money well spent!

Pete Ryan, Chayofa

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